What is your turnaround time?

We aim to have all orders complete and ready for collection or with our couriers within 10 clear business days of order confirmation. Very occasionally orders may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control, such as stock availability, failed deliveries etc. If this is the case then we will of course notify you as soon as we can. We can sometimes accommodate shorter turnaround times – see below.

I need my order urgently – can you help?

Depending on the order specifics, we may be able to provide a shorter turnaround time.  If your order is required sooner than our standard timeframe, please notify us as early on in the order process as possible. Depending on the size and nature of the order, we may be able to expedite the order. For extremely fast jobs, an additional Express Fee may be applicable. Please discuss this with a member of the sales team.

How do I get a quote, and how long does it take?

For all new enquiries, please fill in the quote form providing as much information as possible. For repeat orders you can reply to previous email threads to save time. Depending on workloads, we aim to reply to new enquiries within a few business hours and certainly no later than the next working day.

Can you quote over the phone?

We prefer to keep all contact via email. This ensures that a record of everything is kept and reduces the risk of confusion/human error. We can always offer guidance or advice concerning an order over the phone, but cannot offer fixed quotes.

Can I see a sample before placing a bulk order?

We will always email a digital sample of your order, displaying the size, colour and positioning against a template as accurately as the web display and design process allows. Due to the set-ups involved with some of our processes we are unable to offer samples for all orders. Whenever the process allows for one-off printing then we can usually provide you with a sample, charged at the standard one-off price for the items. If you would like to see the quality of our garments first-hand, you can pop in to see samples of our work and talk to our friendly production team. Feel free to read through our many customer testimonials.

What is the quality of the garments like? Can I see a sample?

We have access to hundreds of brands, all of which can be viewed on our website. These range from promotional t shirts to professional grade sailing and sports attire. If you’re unsure which to use, our team are always on hand to advise you on the best fit for your needs. If you are local, we have many of our best sellers in stock for you to view; we can also post samples out to you if required. There is a small charge for posting samples, however, if the samples are returned in mint condition and form part of a subsequent order, the cost of the samples will be deducted from the order total. If the samples are not returned in mint condition or do not form part of an order then we are unable to offer a full refund.

What is the sizing of the garments like?

Our website shows sizing guides for all products – please check the Catalogue section of our website for the size guides as provided by our suppliers. These are generally in UK chest or leg measurements, unless specified. Please note these are a guide and variations do occur between different brands and styles.
We cannot offer refunds on incorrectly ordered sizes – if you are unsure as to which sizes you require then we offer a sampling system (see above). We also have some of our most popular items available in store for you to try on, though please make an appointment before coming in so that we can ensure someone is free to go through your order with you.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

We have no minimum order quantity for most processes; however, the size of the order will generally dictate the style and method of printing used – for example: screen printing has minimum order quantities depending on print/design complexity. We will of course advise you on all possibilities and exclusions during the order process. More information on processes can be found in the ‘What We Do’ section of the website.

What is the order process?

For new orders, please provide us with as much design information as possible, along with any logos or images you’d like to print onto the garments. We will then reply with a quote based on the information you’ve supplied, or ask for more details if required. Once you have approved a quote, where relevant we will draw up a preview for you to check and, once confirmed, you will receive an invoice. On confirmation of receipt of payment we’ll begin processing the order and inform you know as soon as it is ready to collect or despatch. For repeat orders you can email straight through to our sales team, quoting the previous order reference or forwarding our previous email correspondence.

What are the set-up charges?

Both screen printing and embroidery carry set-up charges owing to the lengthy processes involved in converting artwork into a native format suitable for print or embroidery. Screen printing set-ups cover the cost of printing film positives, coating and exposing each screen and registering the jobs on the press. This procedure can take several hours including exposure and drying times and therefore a small charge is made to cover the process. Embroidery set-ups are charged for converting your artwork into a stitch file that can be read by our embroidery machines, as well as for testing and calibrating your designs once they’re digitised to make sure that they are finished to the highest quality. Set-up costs vary depending on the number of screens used or the size and complexity of the image to be embroidered. Repeat orders do not carry set-up fees, but minimum order quantities may still apply. Ink colour changes within a screen print run may also incur a small additional charge.

In most cases, digital and transfer prints do not incur set-up costs and are consequently perfect for small orders or one-offs including individual prints. Artwork charges may be applied to digital and transfer prints if the artwork supplied is not of sufficient quality to print from directly.

Stock font embroidery set-up is also free, as is simple text amendment to embroidered designs such as changing the name of a job title, club or society associated with a business/institution.

How can I reduce the price of my order?

Choosing a less expensive garment can significantly reduce the cost of an order. Our most popular range of garments are usually the best in terms of value for money. Garments from our Premium Fashion or Hardwearing Workwear ranges will often be considerably more expensive due to their specialist nature.

Increasing the volume of an order to achieve a higher bulk discount will always reduce the cost per unit; this is particularly relevant to organisations that order frequently, such as those with a high turnaround of staff

Simplifying artwork, such as reducing the number of colours in a design or the size of the print or embroidery, will often lower the cost of an order. Most designs look just as awesome in single colour as they do in multi-colour! If you are unsure, ask our designers.

Printing dark designs onto light garments is the most cost effective format for printing. This is particularly relevant to promotional orders.

Can I have individual names/numbers?

Yes you can. We have become a specialist in the industry for individual and personalised prints owing to the volume of work we carry out for sports teams, clubs and societies. All names and numbers are precision CAD-cut from premium flex vinyl or flock and heat-sealed using pneumatic presses, ensuring the best possible print.  We have many different types of vinyl for use on a variety of materials, from cotton to dyed-polyester to nylon, available in a huge range of colours, styles and effects. See our Resources section for information on supplying personalised details – and be sure to double check the spellings before you send them over!

Do you deliver?

Please state from the outset if you require your order to be delivered or if you would like to collect it in person. We have access to a range of courier options and prices are based on order specifics, such as garment type and volume; posting 25 bulky hoodies, for example, will cost more than posting 25 lightweight T Shirts.

Can you print or embroider onto clothing that I supply?

Yes of course, and this is particularly relevant for sports kits and uniforms that come from specialist suppliers. Please note that garments are held and embellished at the customer’s risk, although every care will always be taken to ensure that the items are returned in perfect condition with perfect printing, WCC will not be held responsible for any damage or loss arising from the print/embroidery process as we cannot guarantee the performance of third-party garments supplied to us by the customer. You will not be charged for any print or embroidery failures, though whole order set-ups may still be charged. All customers supplying their own garments to us must sign a disclaimer stating that they are aware of the aforementioned risk. It is also imperative that you provide us with as much information regarding the garments before supplying them to us; not all material types are suitable for printing or embroidery. Finally, please ensure that if clothing is not brand new, then it is freshly laundered. We reserve the right to refuse to print clothing that is used or unclean as any odours or dirt can damage our printing machines.

Can I order online?

We don’t use automated online platforms as we prefer to handle each order personally and to communicate directly with our customers; this is to ensure that we can best realise their designs. The result of this approach is that our customers have direct control over the design process as we progress through their order. We are constantly improving our IT processes and investing in new equipment to make sure that your orders are completed to the highest standards.

What print method will you use for my order?

The print method utilised will generally be determined by the size of the order, the artwork to be printed and the garment type; we will always use the optimal print method for your order to best execute your designs. As a rule of thumb, orders of less than 20 items will be digitally or transfer printed, whilst most orders over 20 items will be screen printed. Exceptions to this are where specialist material needs to printed, or the complexity of the artwork would render screen printing an impractical choice. Individual prints such as names or numbers will be printed using a CAD-cut vinyl or flock.

What Guarantees do you offer?

We are confident that you will love the products and services that we offer. In the unlikely event that there is a fault with a garment or an error with a print or embroidery, we will rectify the fault. It is imperative that you check the visual proofs and invoice details before confirming your order, so that any potential errors can be mitigated. We cannot accept responsibility for any design errors or incorrect order details that have been approved by the customer.

What is your returns policy?

Due to the bespoke nature of our work, we are unable to offer a returns policy unless there is a fault with the garment, print or embroidery. It is therefore imperative that you check the proof and any other contract forming documents (such as order previews and invoices) thoroughly before confirming and paying for the order.  If you think you have received faulty goods, please contact us by email within 48 hours of receipt of your garments, giving us full details of the damaged or incorrect goods, including photographic evidence where possible. We will accept returns of damaged or incorrect goods notified to us within 48hrs, and will give you the option of a refund, reprint or credit as part of our guarantee.

What are your terms of sale?

Our terms and conditions of sale are always emailed along with invoices, and by paying the invoice the customer is agreeing to the terms.

What artwork file types do you accept?

We prefer vectored artwork, be it .AI. .EPS, .CDR, or exported as a .PDF. This is necessary for most transfer or complicated prints. We can accept Photoshop files as well as high res flattened files such as .PNG, .JPG, .TIF etc., though these must be scaled to the correct print size and be at least 300dpi. In most cases we cannot accept artwork copied from the internet as it is usually too low quality for our purposes. We work under the assumption that the customer owns the rights to any artwork that they supply. Further information can be found in the Resources section of our website.

Can I mix and match garment and ink colours and sizes?

Yes this is possible; garment colours and sizes can be varied across the order with no additional charges, as long as the print size and colour remain the same. Where print colour changes, an ink change charge will be applicable, and if print size changes then further set-up charges will be applied.

Do I need to pay for my order now?

All orders must be paid for in full before production can begin. The only exception is where customers have supplied their own garments; in this case the balance can be paid upon completion of the order.

If a business or organisation such as a school, university or corporation has been accepted as an account customer then payment can be made on 30 day terms. This can be discussed with the sales team prior to processing the order.

Do you add VAT to the prices?

As we are VAT registered, we have a legal obligation to charge VAT on all goods and services except to those exempt, such as despatch to the Channel Islands. VAT is not charged on children’s garments but is charged on the printing, embroidery and other works associated with the order. Where a full package is sold, i.e. a printed child’s t shirt, VAT is charged on the whole service. Where unbranded children’s clothing is sold, VAT is not charged, but will still be chargeable on postage/packaging etc.

I don’t have any artwork. Can you help?

If you have a clear idea of what you require then we may be able to help, especially for text or simple graphic based designs. Complicated artwork set-ups may involve a consultation and incur additional charges.

Can I collect my order to save on postage?

Yes indeed. We have many local customers who choose to collect rather than pay for postage, often to save time. If this is the case, please notify us during the order stage.

Can I place my order face to face?

This is possible, however please give notice via email or phone if you want to come down. The sales team are not always available so it is important to book ahead. It will also be necessary to email ahead any relevant artwork or order details, or to bring reference material with you in easy to read formats. As all orders are individual and often complicated it may not be possible to provide you with a concise design and quote on the spot so please accept that an order may not be fully wrapped up in one meeting. We prefer to manage orders via email so that a record of all correspondence including quoting is retained.

Do you supply blank garments?

Yes we do. Our full range of garments can be viewed here and prices, if not already displayed on the website, can be obtained by emailing the codes and quantities required using the quote form if not already displayed on the website.

How do I look after my garment? (Aftercare)

All printing and embroidery methods are pretty robust; however, there are a few simple steps you can take to prolong the life of your garment. Washing at a low temperature (and certainly no hotter than 40 degrees), turning the garment inside out and avoiding washing it with abrasive items will help to keep the prints looking fresh and new. Never iron over a print and do not use any harsh stain removing chemicals as this is likely to damage the print.


Many of our customers need to send over complicated sets of data for their order. They may have many variables such as sizes with corresponding names, numbers, positions, initials, different colours or styles of shirts and prints – the options are endless! We therefore ask that all order details are sent over in an Excel spreadsheet or similar with separate columns for each data set. A simple example of a template spreadsheet can be downloaded here. Unfortunately, we cannot accept handwritten order details due to the potential this creates for human error.


We do offer a like-for-like quote match; however, in order to fulfil this promise we would first need to see the full terms and quote breakdown from our rival supplier. In most cases, upon closer inspection we see that the other supplier is offering a sub-par service, using cheaper garments, or lower quality inks and print methods, on longer turnarounds. We pride ourselves on selling our excellent service, quality and experience rather than just a rock bottom price.


Our preferred method of payment is via an online transfer. This can be done at any time convenient for you. We can also accept card payments over the phone, or cash or card payments in the shop. Unfortunately we can no longer accept cheques and cannot accept cash paid directly into our account. For regular customers (subject to approval) we can set-up an account system whereby invoices are paid on 30 day terms. This can be discussed further with a member of staff. For schools and universities we can accept purchase orders where an account has been set up and payment terms have been agreed in advance.