CAD cut vinyl produces a high definition, durable print with no set-up costs making it perfect for low print runs. It is the method of choice for printing individual names and numbers, or any other personalised details. We are industry leaders in vinyl printing owing to our huge sports club customer base and have access to dozens of types of vinyls including flocks and special effects, all applied using our pneumatic heat presses.

  • No set-up costs
  • Dozens of colours and styles to choose prom
  • Highly durable with a stretchy finish – perfect for sportswear
  • Go-to print method for individual names/ numbers
  • Highly opaque, dense print up to A3 size
  • Generally single colour but can multi-layer
  • Can print ‘hard to reach’ areas or specialist materials
  • Can print ‘hard to reach’ areas or specialist materials

Please note that quotes can only be given on sight of artwork. some artwork may need amending to make it ‘embroidery ready,’ for example text must be at least 5mm high. any amendments will be notified in advance.

Unsure what print method to use? Please refer to our print methods comparison charts

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Please note there are additional charges for some premium / special effect vinyls.


  • SwatchWhite
  • SwatchYellow
  • SwatchGolden Yellow
  • SwatchOrange
  • SwatchRed
  • SwatchPink
  • SwatchFuchsia
  • SwatchBurgundy
  • SwatchPurple
  • SwatchPastel Blue
  • SwatchSky
  • SwatchRoyal
  • SwatchTeal
  • SwatchNavy
  • SwatchApple Green
  • SwatchLight Green
  • SwatchDark Green
  • SwatchForest Green
  • SwatchGrey
  • SwatchAnthracite
  • SwatchBrown
  • SwatchBlack


  • SwatchYellow
  • SwatchOrange
  • SwatchPink
  • SwatchGreen


  • SwatchPearl
  • SwatchSilver
  • SwatchGold