Here’s our quick and simple guide on How to Order with us!

Ordering with us is simple and easy, and our friendly sales team are happy to help at every stage of the process – just have a quick read over of the details below to make
sure you have everything you need before you start, then get in touch via our Get a Quote form and we’ll get the ball rolling from there
(or returning customers can simply email us directly)

Here we’ve broken down the ordering process into a few easy steps to show you what to expect,
and to give you a heads-up as to what information we’ll need from you to help speed things up a little with your order.

If you have a question or requirement that isn’t addressed below then you can also check out our FAQs section,
or get in touch via email with a member of our sales team who will be happy to help.

Stage 1: Get in Touch

The first step is to drop us a line – you can send us an email, or get in touch via our Get a Quote or
Quick Contact forms, providing as much information as you can about what you’d like to order.

The most important information we’ll need is:
– what garments you’d like to order
t-shirts, hoodies, caps, etc.; you can order multiple types of garments at the same time
– how many items you’d like to order
larger orders qualify for greater bulk discounts, so often less really is more!
– how you’d like to have the garments designed
what colour/style of garment, what you’d like to have printed or embroidered, etc.
– whether you’d like to collect your order, or have it shipped to you
delivery prices on request
– the desired completion date for your order
if within 10 clear working days

If you have designs or logos that you’d like printed or embroidered onto the garments then send these over too, and we’ll
check they’re okay for us to work with – at this stage a high resolution .PNG or .JPG will do, though we may need to ask for more
suitable formats later on. Check here for our guide on sending artwork.

We normally ask for 10 clear working days from confirmation of designs and receipt of payment to have an order complete and ready for collection,
though we often work quicker than this – if you’d like to have your order ready within this timeframe then we also offer an Express Printing Service
(prices available on request and subject to availability)

At this stage it’s a good idea to let us know everything you can think of about what you’d like to order, as it means
we’ll be able to move on to the next stages that much quicker!

Stage 2: Quote & Design

Once you’ve given us all the information we need about your order we can finalise the designs and offer you a quote – we’ll also send across
a preview for your order, to make sure you’re happy with the designs before we move forward.

At this point you can let us know if you’d like to make any changes to the designs and we’ll amend the preview
accordingly, or if you’re happy with the designs as is then we’ll move straight on to the next stage!

We use the previews as print templates when we come to process your order,
so make sure you’ve checked it over carefully before confirming the designs!

Stage 3: Confirmation

Once you’ve let us know that you’re happy with the designs and we have all of the information we need regarding your order we’ll send across
an invoice along with instructions on how to pay (online transfer, with card over the phone or in person)

We can only get started on your order once payment is confirmed, so bear this in mind if you have a dealine!

Stage 4: Completion

We’ll begin processing your order once everything is confirmed, and will have your order complete and ready for collection
(or with our couriers if you have opted to have it shipped to you) within 10 clear working days, unless specified otherwise.

We usually can’t give out progress updates on your order whilst it’s in production – but don’t worry, we’ll take good care
of your order whilst we’re getting it ready for you, and will send you an email to let you know as soon as its complete.

If you need any more information regarding the ordering process, or about anything else to do with your order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!